COVID-19 and cancer: the role of the immune system

This publication provides concise notions about the general knowledge of two contemporary enemies of mankind: coronavirus and cancer. The purpose of this article is to highlight how the weakening of the human immune system caused by cancer treatments may impact as increased risk of viral exposure. Today, more than ever, immunodepression constitutes a life threat for cancer patients: with the arrival of new viruses and pathogens, immunocompromised subjects face an even greater life threating situation.


About the Author

Noemi Bognanni
Noemi Bognanni obtained her M.S. in 2020 in the chemical science department at the University of Catania; her thesis was on synthesis of cyclodextrin based drug delivery system as antitumoral agents, trying to make the drug more selective towards its target. Her research interests includes the study of tumour cells and variations between them and the healthy cells, the synthesis of transport system and the reduction of toxicity.

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