Five common questions about climate change

Discussing what is or isn’t “Climate Change” is hard. As hard as discussing any other subject were our common safety is challenged, and when difficult solutions are proposed. Expecially when discussed online, a mix of pure disinformation, simplicistic reporting of facts and lack of scientific knowledge on the subject make having a serene discussion almost impossible. In this piece, the author attempts to answer five of the most widespread questions in regard to Climate Change:

1) Climate has always changed, why should we worry?

2) Are we sure it’s the CO2 fault and not something else causing it?

3) How can we be sure it’s our fault CO2 is increasing?

4) Isn’t climate “chaotic”? Aren’t your models full of uncertainties? How can you make meaningful predictions about the future?

5) I just saw snow in May! How can this reconcile with your “catastrophism”?

About the Author

Daniele Visioni
He obtained his MD in Atmospheric Physics in 2015 at the University of L’Aquila. In 2018, in the same university, he was awarded his PhD in Atmispheric Physics and Chemistry, discussing a thesis titled “A climate engineering technique for a warming planet – Stratospheric sulfur injection as a temporary solution to greenhouse gasses increse”, published in 2019 in an extended version with Aracne Editrice ( He lives in Ithaca (NY), where he works as researcher at Cornell University in the Aerospace Engineering department and the the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future. His research interests span from the climatic effect of past volcanic eruptions, to the effect of climate change on the chemical composition of the atmosphere, and the study of possible mitigation techniques for climate change. Married with Lorenzo, in his spare time he studies and practices Historical Fencing.

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