How can I take care of my Mental Health in Italy?

The declaration on mental health in Europe, signed in Helsinki in 2005, states “There is no health without mental health”. This sentence is underlining the importance of fighting stigma and discrimination, in favor of the protection of human rights and the dignity of people with mental illnesses, as well as their social inclusion. A key role is given to the importance of information with a very specific purpose: strengthening the skills of people with mental illness and increasing the culture of health, which can not be separated from the mental one.

It’s 40 years since the Law 180 (also known as the Basaglia Law or Italian Mental Health Act) sanctioned the closing down of all psychiatric hospitals.

So much has been done, from 1978, but there is still much to do.

In Italy the most frequent pathology is depression (16.3 cases out of 10,000 ab.) followed by neurotic and somatoform syndromes (10.6 cases out of 10,000 ab.), schizophrenia and other functional psychoses (6.1 cases out of 10,000 ab .).

What’s wrong with that?

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